Monday, November 22, 2010

Ashley and Shiena here~!

Despite being active members of BT we seem to be the least contributive to the blog, hah.  For the sake of posterity here's a post from the two of us... just purikura and whatnot.  If you'd like to check up on us at all, I (Ashley) occasionally make posts to the Everyday Gyaru Livejournal community here and there, Shiena updates her Facebook albums often, and the two of us  actively compile our ridiculous adventures with the people we encounter here in Tokyo on Youtube.

Here's a timelapse of us from Shiena's arrival to recent~~.


We'll do our best to contribute to the BT blog more in the future.  Individually we both have a lot of content on our own... but not really the time to compile and post it these days.  


  1. You guys look great! I love to see how much fun my BT sisters are having together <3