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Mini-Apples Mini-Soda Gal Meet!
When: May 20-21, 2011
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Who: Midwest Gals!
What: 2 Days of shopping and partying, getting to
know your fellow Midwest Gals, and just having fun!

...Join Bulaklak Tribe and other Midwest gals as we take Minneapolis by storm!

Party with Bulakak @ Anime Detour
April 1-3, 2011
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Come hang out with BT at one of the midwest's largest anime conventions, Anime Detour! Since 2004 it's been a staple in any Japanese culture enthusiast's social life. Go to J-fashion panels, rock your gal style, and party until the AM with us in April. We're taking over this year, and hope you be there with us!

Vancouver Gal meet @ DT Vancouver/Richmond
December 28 2010
Vancouver/Richmond, BC, Canada
Meet downtown for lunch and head out
to richmond for karaoke and purikura!

 Halloween Karaoke Party @ Fantacity
Friday, October 22 2010
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hosted by Shawna from Bulaklak Tribe! Lets go Gals! Karaoke party!
Costumes are optional and everyone is welcome to attend :)

*thanks for coming out!*

August 27/28/29 2010
New York City
Having had successful summits in the past, Bulaklak Tribe members most enjoyed the time we spent sitting across a table from, or on a train next to our guests instead of at the front of a panel room. We look forward to an entire weekend of dining, shopping, and sightseeing with old and new friends from sun-up til sundown. We're excited to present our first-ever Gal Retreat! A weekend adventure in New York City!

New York Guys and Dolls was a blast!
Thanks all for coming out!!