Friday, August 14, 2009

New hair, some outfits, eyemake.... STYLE UPDATE!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Its August already! :|

My hair is already back to blonde... The light brown hair wasn't "me", so I changed it back. This time a darker shade of blonde, and I think I am satisfied with it.

I've already also bought new extensions in this shade, so hopefully I won't do anything more stupid with my hair!

Do you see my new awesome top? I know sculls was in LAAAAST year, but I couldn't resist. BLINGBLINGBLING!

My current everyday eyemake:

Oh, I almost forgot. I did buy a new bronzer! From Chanel! This is the best thing I've ever spent 500 NOK on. Four different shades, not with too much shimmer in it either!

Pretty looking too, right?

Hmm, I was supposed to show you many outfits this time, but when I look at the photos, I can't find many I am REALLY proud of, so I won't show you more than these:

I am pretty satisfied with these! Looks very similiar tho LOL

I hope you guys did get a fabulous tan this summer! Unfortunately, I didn't get that tan I was aiming for, but at least I did get SOME tan!

Difference, YES? ;D

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