Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer in Norway!

I have to admit something. I barely use makeup in summerdays because I always work on my tan, BUT I kind of like it. The feeling of no makeup on my face OMG, LOL. I use to wear biiiig shades anyways, so nobody notice. Besides, tanning with foundation will give "spots" anyways.

I don't need to use any SPF, because I never get sunburned. My parents genes haha! Kind of lucky! Some people recommend tanning oils to get faster tan tho, but I also heard that it fries the skin... I just use a good regulary body lotion LOL. Playing volleyball or something makes the time fly, so before I even notice - I already have a tan line!

This summer I want to have light colored lips, so I use a lip balm with SPF! Easier to achive the "nude/pink-look", I hope. Did you know that lip balm with SPF even exist? :||| I didn't know until about a half year ago, so last summer so my lips was so dark! :D I've already tried a lot of different lip balms, but the one I like best is from TIFFA (Kanebo). Too bad it isn't cruelty free :( I'm working on finding some even better products, so if you know some - TELL ME :D

Use these nice days to get super tanned! NO EXCUSES! Just be careful LOLLLLL

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