Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Apple Mini Soda: Update

Hello everyone!

Here's an update for the Spring Bulaklak Tribe Midwest Gal Meetup.

When: May 20-21, 2011
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Who: Midwest Gals!
What: 2 Days of shopping and partying, getting to know your fellow Midwest Gals, and just having fun!

Minneapolis and the Mississippi River

Join Bulaklak Tribe and other Midwest gals as we take Minneapolis by storm!

Have fun on Friday going to super cute and unique vintage shops and boutiques, and sightseeing around Downtown, Uptown, and Northeast Minneapolis. Get a taste of fun local cafes and restaurants while meeting up with gyaru from all over the Midwest. You don't have to necessarily hang out with the group on Friday, have fun and explore!

Iconic Uptown Theatre

At night meet up with BT and go club hopping at all the hottest places. If you're not 21, don't worry there are plenty of 18+ places to go.

AQUA Nightclub

On Saturday you can come and enjoy the famous Mall of America!
Shop at 500+ stores such as Forever 21, H&M, and many others!
But don't forget to wear you nautical themed coordinate that day, as we go through Underwater Adventures. Be sure to set aside some cash, it's about 18 USD to get in, but worth it. You get to pet sharks.

Best Buy Rotunda at Mall of America

As for a restaurant on Saturday, the current plan is either the Hard Rock Cafe or Ichiban, a traditional Japanese Steakhouse. Saturday night get ready to party hard at the infamous First Avenue, for Too Much Love.

First Avenue, located on 1st AVE. :B

As for Sunday, feel free to leave or chill out with a fun spa/relaxation day. Get your nails done, grab some sandwiches and head over to the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center. Relax and enjoy the weather, because May = The Best month in MN. Hang out with your gal friends and nurse your hangovers in the fresh air.


Transportation will be limited. Plan on taking some buses and/or the light-rail. Most things downtown are within walking distance, as are things in uptown. But you'll need to take the bus to get there, because hotels downtown are HELLA expensive.

Recommended Hotels:

We STRONGLY suggest booking a hotel by the MOA because they offer free shuttles to and from the MOA, then you can take the light-rail downtown.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. :D


  1. YES~ this sounds so fun ☆!! I can't wait! Especially for MOA, I have been dying to go there and shop!!! Also glad that you specified that there are 18+ clubs, this is just a month short of my 21 bday www

    Now all I have to do it decide if I am going to road trip or fly... hmmmm o(>ㇸ<|||)

    Thank you for the hotel links~ (^ɜ^)ゾ♡

  2. We look forward to seeing you!
    It will be a fun weekend for sure!

  3. Is the whole BT going to be there?

  4. right now confirmed BT peeps are Me (Justin) and Emily. We are waiting to hear from our other members. There is still a long time before the event and once we get a confirmed list of BT members attending we will be sure to post it!

  5. Are you still open to applications for BT?

  6. Of course! BT is always trying to add mew members who are passionate about and execute Gyaru Style well! We are always accepting applications!

  7. I will be there if I find a second job soon!