Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Events and recruiting!

Hey everybody! Shawna here!! :)
Just letting you all know that if you ever need any information on
our events and meets, it'll all be organized under the tag 'events'
so check it out! I know things can be lost in between regular blog posts!

We're also recruiting for BT!
We're looking for gals and guys where we already have some established members!
USA:Minneapolis, Mississippi, Arkansas, New York (etc close areas!)
Norway: Oslo or other close european country (must be willing to travel)
Japan: Tokyo (or any other city in Japan as long as you can travel!)


  1. Yes!! It's getting pretty lonely in NYC :(

  2. How old do we have to be? I'm turning 18 in 2 years if thats the required age. Oh and I live in Alaska, I was wondering if its still ok even if I live pretty far from all you.

  3. There isn't a required age, but we are trying to recruit where we already have members, sorry~