Sunday, April 26, 2009

Biore strips - your best friend??

copied from my LJ but its useful for beauty, and every gal should be beautiful and sexy~~~~~~~

So yesterday, I tried out Biore nose strips for getting rid of blackheads.

Well, in my case I didnt see it work at all...
but actually I dont really have a lot of blackhead or anything.

Me and Yao Yao. BTW I cut my hair into bangs again....

Looks like getting rhinoplasty done.

The strips turn hard when they are dried, so it kind of feels like a cast lol.

Taking them off is quite painful... I guess it get rid of some of the tiny little hairs on my nose.

For yaoyao, because he actually did have quite a bit blackheads,
it removed most of them!!! quite amazing... but not all of them...
and u have to make sure to keep your nose clean because
your pore is still open afterwards, so easy to clog up again.
Be careful....

price is not worth it unless u can get a discount.
It was like $13 for a pack of 14.
Maybe use once a week though, so can last u 14 weeks.

Well, if I had a lot of blackheads, I would probably use this.
But if you only have a little to none- dont bother!

But I do reccommend for those of you that do,
just try it, u would like it~

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