Sunday, November 9, 2008

SEXYGIRL: Hair Cologne

So this is my first post on the Bulaklak Tribe blog! In celebration, I would like to share a fun new discovery with everyone. I got it this fun new product a sample a while ago and really didn't think much it 'till a few weeks later. So, what is it?

Hair cologne! I know it might sound a bit weird but, it's perfume for your hair!

It can be used by gals who love clubbing but hate the smell of cigs and etc that lingers on hair, its also good for everyday use. If you wanna get rid of the hair spray, gel, pomade smell, this works wonders! You never have to worry about if your hair smells a little off because of your surroundings again! Instead just bask in slightly fruity sweet smell of hair cologne.

I like to use it before I go to para events to minimize the smoke smell afterwards! Or at parties.. like the halloween pictured above! Fun Fun Times!


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  1. Aqualina makes some Pink Sugar hair perfume too. I remember a long time ago L'Oreal made a spray that lifted the smoke smell out of your hair and it smelled good too. But it was discontinued of course.

    Also, lemon air freshener cancels out smoke smell!