Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello Friends of Bulaklak Tribe!

We just want to remind you of all the fun we have in store at Minneapolis, MN's KAKKOICON J-culture convention. This con's goal is taking the focus off Anime and presenting a North-American Japanese subculture convention that features Lolita fashion, Host club culture, non-anime aspects of Akihabara, Live rock music, and, of course GYARU LIFE & STYLE!

Paralists are attending from Finland, South America, and Japan to participate in or observe North America's first International Paracon! The prizes, the experience, and the exposure are well worth the trip!

We'll also be dressing up in our favorite hime-garb to visit the Mall of America which contains so many stores that a person couldn't -possibly- visit them all in a single weekend! There are also amusement park rides inside!

In the spirit of the fun games EGG models play as entertainment for readers, Bulaklak Tribe is hosting a game titled IRON GANGURO based on the popular television series, Iron Chef! In this game, attendees are given a box of "special ingredients" to turn one of their teammates into the tastiest manba the world has ever seen!

Lastly, for the first time in America since AVEX's DJ Boss (Velfarre) in Dallas, TX; we're having a night FULL of Eurobeat music, fashion, and fun on Friday!

Do you know who might be lurking throughout the con to gather media for your favorite Tokyo Gyaru businesses? There's a new and vivid interest in American gyaru and they want to get to know YOU!

Also, if you pre-reg and are the member of a NORTH AMERICAN GAL CIRCLE, your group will be featured, throughout the convention, as special guests. Afterall, it is GALCIR Summit!

Don't let the chance slip you by. This is once in a lifetime! This year's GALCIR SUMMIT attendees are eligible to recieve many free prizes, including special prize packages surrounding Galcir Summit 2009!

If you're able to attend on August 1 -3, make sure you pre-reg and book your hotel room, NOW! Pre-reg is cheap, and ends on July 1st. The discounted hotel rate only lasts until June 28th. Also, you don't have to -pay- for your room until you're checking out! So, don't worry about not having the money or a credit card, right now!

Road-trips are an economical way to get there and with you can get up to 40% off a plane ticket by using the "pick your own rate" option!

-Xti of Bulaklak Tribe!

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